Saturday, October 1, 2011

Two Year Anniversary of my Dad's last gig with FPB

(10/1/11):  When I started my blog, I wasn't sure what tidbits from the "World of Fritz" I'd be sharing nor how often.......

Two years ago today, my Dad (Fred Scherz Sr.) played his last gig with Fritz's Polka Band ( in Buffalo, NY for the Big Joe Polka Show TV taping.  I remember that day vividly, yet with some sadness.  You see, by the time that TV taping came around, my Dad's cancer had reached stage four.  There was even some doubt as to whether he'd be strong enough to play the accordion for about an hour, let alone make the trip to Buffalo.  But, play that accordion he did!  He really inspired me that day (and continues to)!!

At times that day, I had to really make myself smile, which if you know me, I usually don't have to try. However, this day/gig was different.  I miss him so much!!  Anyway, I share this with you because it's my firm belief that if you have someone who inspires you, you shouldn't be afraid to tell others.  Who knows....perhaps if you do, someone else might find inspiration from what you share! 

I also share this, because tomorrow my band plays at the VVS Community Day at 1pm and then at Vernon Downs Oktoberfest.  In 2009, the VVS Community Day was the 2nd from last gig my Dad played before he passed away.  The Vernon Downs gig that year he wasn't able to play, because he was too weak and sick.  So, between having these gigs tomorrow and the two year anniversary of his last gig being day, I find myself thinking a whole lot about my Dad and how much I miss him.  He was my best friend, a great Dad, and a big inspiration.  God Bless You, Dad!  I miss you man!!!