Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Memories

(12/24/11):  I wrote the note below two years ago today. I find it still captures my feelings regarding a very special time of the year for me, Christmas.....

Christmas has always had a special place in my heart. When I was growing up and I’d attend Christmas Eve church service with my mom and dad, the song “Silent Night” was always sung with the lights out and people holding candles. It certainly made the song even more moving. My mom, Shirley, passed away (Dec. 4, 1991) and ever since then, whenever I hear (or sing) this song, it brings back memories of those church services of years gone by and brings tears to my eyes. Now, with my dad just passing away a few weeks ago (Nov. 14), I’m sure this Christmas when I hear “Silent Night,” I will even be more emotionally touched. A few years ago, my band, Fritz’s Polka Band, put out a Christmas CD. This song was given even more special meaning to me, as my wife, Kathy, and two daughters, Katherine and Marissa, made their recording debut on that tune for the CD.

A few years ago, my band performed at Glen Burtnik’s Christmas Xtravaganza at B.B. King’s Club in New York City. During that performance, many different musicians performed Christmas-themed songs. That evening, a woman by the name of Antonique Smith (who’s now a very successful recording artist and actress) sang “Oh Holy Night.” Hearing Antonique sing that song gave me goose bumps and brought tears to my eyes. In closing, Christmas always has been and will remain my favorite time of the year, as great memories of family and music remain fresh in my memory.