Sunday, August 12, 2018


Fritz's Polka Band (sponsored by Coldcock Whiskey) from Verona, NY, is in the process of working on a new recording to commemorate their 40th anniversary. The Fritz’s Polka Band (FPB) recording sessions, which started in mid-June, have been taking place at SubCat Music Studios in Syracuse, NY. A release date has not been set yet.

“Since this year marks my band’s 40th anniversary, I thought recording a new CD would be a cool way to celebrate this band milestone,” said Fritz Scherz, band leader of Fritz's Polka Band. “Additionally, we have numerous original tunes that have never been recorded….including some that are rather personal to me, so it felt like the time was right to do this. While the recording project is not completed yet, we have made great strides in accomplishing what will be a very eclectic album.  We have some surprises planned, too!” 

FPB made history in 1999 by becoming the first polka band to play at a Woodstock Festival.  FPB has made 18 recordings and appears on "The Manchurian Candidate" DVD, released in 2004.  In 2011, FPB had two songs (‘Grandparent’s Polka’ and ‘Here Is Fritz’s Polka Band’) included in two episodes of the TV show, ‘Breaking Bad’.  In 2013, FPB released their 18th recording, a double live CD entitled, “The WSKG Sessions”. Last year, FPB was nominated for three Just Plain Folks Music Awards and each member was nominated for national awards by the Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame.

For more information on FPB, visit the band’s, Facebook page at:

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Monday, July 16, 2018


Fred “Fritz” Scherz, Jr., Councilman on the Verona Town Board in Verona, NY, announced today that he has selected Zachary Nell from the Town of Verona as winner of the 9th Annual Fred Scherz Sr. Memorial Scholarship for Volunteer Community Service. Mr. Nell initially joined the Verona Volunteer Fire Department as a junior member. Since he has turned 18 years old, he can apply to become a full member and continue his volunteerism. Although he’s been a member for a little over one year, he’s already responded to various calls for assistance in the community. Additionally, Mr. Nell has voluntarily assisted at the Vernon Verona Sherrill Baseball Clinic as well as at the Oneida County Youth Bureau Camp for American Legion Baseball, as well as other activities. As winner of this award, Mr. Nell received a certificate of accomplishment and a check for $250. 
“Upon reviewing this year’s applications, I was struck by how Mr. Nell felt the urge to volunteer at a junior age with the Verona Volunteer Fire Department,” said Scherz. “It’s a well-known fact that volunteer fire departments throughout central New York (and beyond) need volunteers. For a young man like Zachary to step up says a lot about his character and willingness to serve! He comes from a family who’s volunteered in various communities over the years, so it’s nice to see him continue the Nell tradition. It’s obvious he cares about not only the Verona community, but the surrounding areas as well, as his volunteerism has extended beyond the Town of Verona. I congratulate Zachary for not only winning the scholarship, but for also setting a great example for others to follow. On a personal note, I know my Dad would’ve been impressed with the on-going volunteer efforts of this young man!”
For more details on the 9th Annual Fred Scherz Sr. Memorial Scholarship for Volunteer Community Service, visit Fritz’s website at:, his Twitter feed at:, his blog at:, or call: (315) 363-3509.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Fred “Fritz” Scherz, Jr., Councilman on the Verona Town Board in Verona, NY, has again created the Fred Scherz Sr. Memorial Scholarship for Volunteer Community Service. The 9th annual scholarship will be in the amount of $250 and will be awarded by Fritz to a Town of Verona, New York student who is on track to graduate from 12th grade at a high school (public or private) or home school by June 30, 2018. Additionally, the student must have lived in the Town of Verona, New York since at least December 1, 2017, and must be voluntarily engaged in community service or must have created a community project that benefits the Town of Verona.
“I did the inaugural scholarship back in the spring of 2010 as a way to honor my Dad’s memory,” said Scherz. “My Dad, Fred Scherz Sr., believed in giving back to his community, and took pride in helping out so many people,” said Scherz. “Last year, I had co-winners, as I presented Racheal Cadrette and Olivia Musacchio with the 8th Annual Fred Scherz Sr. Memorial Scholarship for Volunteer Community Service. I plan on self-funding this year’s scholarship in my Dad’s name and feel that if students get started in volunteering at a younger age, they’ll continue to do so once they’re out of school. I’m a strong believer that volunteerism is a great thing for any community!”
To view the complete rules and to get an application for the Fred Scherz Sr. Memorial Scholarship for Volunteer Community Service, go to: For more information on Fritz, go to:, his Twitter feed at:, his blog at:, or call: (315) 363-3509. Deadline to apply is May 23, 2018.
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Monday, December 11, 2017

Thank You re: my 8th Annual Holiday Party for Town of Verona Residents - 12/10/17

Many heartfelt thanks to everyone (volunteers and attendees) that helped make my 8th Annual Holiday Party for Town of Verona residents on December 10th a huge success!  Fabulous volunteers worked together to make this event happen and festive attendees shared the Christmas holiday spirit. Some pictures from this event can be found on my website:

Thanks to the following people for taking part in the programmatic portion of the event (listed in order of appearance): Gretchen LaSalle of Kids Oneida for face painting; Trooper Mark Buzzard and K9 CT (both from the New York State Police) for interacting with the attendees and showing some of K9 CT’s abilities; Richelle Singer of Cornell Cooperative Extension for make & take activities; Liz Friedel performing songs on her violin; the following Christmas story readers: Honorable Rob Maciol (Oneida County Sheriff), Honorable Philip Rougeux (New York State Police Major), and Honorable Gregory Pflieger (Oneida County Sheriff’s Office); Santa Claus for giving gifts to the children; Honorable Rob Swenszkowski (Oneida County Undersheriff) for singing Christmas songs, Jason Barady (of Floodwood) for performing tunes on his mandolin; Elena Bartlett for performing songs on her violin; and Christopher Wiehl (of The Magic of Chris Wheel) for the family - oriented magic show.

Thanks to the following people for helping in a variety of ways:  Jay Aiello, Glenda & Steve Bartlett, Mary Jo Beach, Steven Bulger, Jennifer & Megan Centore, Honorable Mike Clancy, Dave Coombs, Andrew Derminio, Rachel Dunne, Frank Elias, Martha Group, Jeff Hull, Dan Hunt, Bill Keeler, Rocco LaDuca, Jeff Monaski, Carole Nowak, Craig Semans, Fred & Sue Stefanik, Margaret Visalli, Mary, Owen & Spencer Walker, Tami Whooten, Diana Wilson, and Mary Margaret Zehr.

Thanks to the following businesses and/or organizations for donating baked goods and/or gifts or simply helping out: Circle K, Colgate University Football, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Dunkin’ Donuts (Verona), Kids Oneida, New York State Police, Oneida County Sheriff’s Office, Oneida Indian Nation SavOn, Price Chopper (Oneida), Recovery Sports Grill, Staples (New Hartford), Utica Coffee, Villa Verona Vineyard & Bistro, Walmart (Oneida) and the media that helped publicize the Holiday Party.

Thanks to the Verona Fire Department for providing the venue for the Holiday Party and for helping make Santa’s arrival special via a parade.  Thanks to Durhamville Fire Department, New London Fire Department, Sylvan Beach Fire Department and Verona Fire Department as well as the New York State Police and Oneida County Sheriff’s Office for taking part in the parade, too. Special thanks to my wife, Kathy, and our children, Katherine, Marissa, and Freddy for being so supportive, encouraging, and helpful during the weeks leading up to the Holiday Party and during the event itself.

In closing, the bottom line is that so many people worked together to make this event happen.  It is people like you that make a community great!  I am so honored to call these great people my friends and Verona my hometown!  Thank you!!! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!! 

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Fred “Fritz” Scherz, Jr., Councilman on the Verona Town Board, will hold his 8th Annual Holiday Party for all Town of Verona residents on Sunday, December 10th from 1pm to 3pm at the Verona Fire Hall (5555 Volunteer Ave.) in Verona. Preceding the holiday party will be a mini parade starting at 12:30pm from the Verona Fire Hall, going through Virdon Village via Merry St., east on Route 31 to Main Street past J. D. George Elementary School and onto Volunteer Ave. back to the Verona Fire Hall. Folks are encouraged to line the parade route to wave to some of the great law enforcement and firefighters that serve the Town of Verona as well as Santa Claus as he makes his way to the event.

“The last seven years I’ve held this community event, it’s been a success because of all the children and
 adults that attended, as well as the volunteers, businesses, and media that helped,” said Scherz.  “Although I’m not finished finalizing the complete fun-filled lineup of activities and guests, as with prior years I plan on having kid-oriented activities, including arts and crafts. There’ll be some fantastic musicians as well as story-telling by some special guests, too. Family-oriented fun will continue to be part of this holiday event, too. Hopefully, Santa Claus will take time out of his busy schedule to attend. I also want people to know that as with the last seven years I’ve held this event, no town funds are being used for it whatsoever as this is not a government-based event.  I encourage all residents of Verona, no matter what their age is, to stop by and take part in the festivities!”

The Holiday Party for all Town of Verona residents has free admission and snacks will also be available. If able, attendees are asked to bring a canned good, as a collection will be taken and given to the Verona Food Pantry. For more details, go to: and/or contact Fritz at: and/or (315) 363-3509. If any businesses want to inquire about making a donation, please contact Fritz.
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