Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sage Advice from my Dad

On November 14th, it'll be two years that my Dad passed away.  On December 4th, it'll be 20 years that my Mom passed away.  I think about them both often.  This past week, I said a final goodbye to some friends and a cousin.  My band's first fan club president, Barb Geissler passed away after a brave battle with cancer.  I got to see her the day before she passed away.  I'll never forget that visit, as despite the fact she was in a lot of pain, she still managed to smile for me and recall some fond memories we shared.  Looking at her, I thought to myself that if she can smile, knowing the pain she was going through, then I could certainly find a way to smile.  I know sometimes people complain (myself included) over something that in comparison to what she went through, well, it's really nothing.  I attended Barb's calling hours on the 20th and was honored to speak at her funeral the next day.  The evening of the 21st, I attended the calling hours of my cousin, Stuart.  I last saw him at one of my band's gig a little over a month ago.  Then, on Friday, I attended the calling hours of fan club member, Clara Baker.  So, three different calling hours for three different people in one week.  Crazy week!

Anyway, this leads me to the lyrics of a song (Life On Earth) that my Dad wrote a few years back.  Thinking of this past week and my parents (and how much I miss them), I share a sample of these lyrics from my Dad as some sage advice:

"Life on earth doesn't last forever, so please make the most of every day
Be nice to your friends and family, and treat them in a very special way.
When this time on earth is finally over, and all your friends come here and say
The good things you have done for one another, will mean much more than how long you stay."

In other words, do good things for one another as it really doesn't matter how long you're here on earth.  Rather, make the time count that you're here and do good things. 


  1. What beautiful lyrics, and words to live by. I think I'll get off the computer and find something good to do for somebody right now!

  2. Many thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated!! :)